Mid-Semester Updates

This past Monday I had a review with my advisors about my work so far, and I thought this would be a good opportunity to talk about what I’ve been up to. 

I’ve been working mostly on a series of paintings using this image of a Buddha head sculpture from the St. Louis Art Museum. It started off just as a way of experimenting with different ways of painting, but I realized that through this repetition, the image began to function as a visual mantra. For the past couple years I’ve been trying to integrate my painting practice with my spiritual practice, and so far this has been a successful exercise in doing that. By repeating this same image, it allows me to experiment with differences—with color and affect—in a way that I haven’t done before, opening up really endless possibilities. I’m hoping to have most of this wall covered by the end of the semester, and am thinking about ways that I want the work to be displayed. 

When Lowell visited recently, he asked me if I was happy with the program. I’m really happy that I’m here and I’m happy with my work. But as I become more comfortable with the program, I’m having to come to terms more completely with my own anxieties, fears, and criticisms. Writing these posts has been a really helpful way to creatively work through all these things, but sometimes it's nice to just paint pictures too.